Covid-19 safety precautions

It is important that you are aware of the steps taken to ensure the safety and health of both our guests and our team. To ensure that everything is as clean and sanitised as possible we have a large UV light, a small UV light, a ‘fogger’ and steam cleaners as well as good old fashioned ‘elbow grease’. Listed below are some of the new measures we are implementing. There are more, which are not listed i.e. the way of food service to tables, but the vital points are here.


  1. Detailed risk assessments have been carried out for each department and staff trained accordingly. Staff have, also, been trained regarding washing hands/sanitising frequently, using a tissue or elbow to sneeze and immediately binning tissue and washing hands. All staff will be wearing masks. Housekeeping will have visors plus masks for cleaning bathrooms, disposable aprons and disposable gloves. Aprons and gloves will be renewed for each room.
  2. Every public area of the hotel will be thoroughly cleaned each day with frequent follow up sanitising of handles, knobs, telephones, light switches etc.
  3. Guest toilets for guests dining – there is now a one in/one out system with a lock on the main door. Please stand back in the hall if the lock is showing engaged or, on fine days, step into the courtyard.
  4. We ask that residents use the toilet in their room.
  5. One way systems – as much as possible – have been set up within the hotel. Please ensure that you follow these at all times.
  6. Dining tables are set up two meters apart. Screens are between all of Deveau’s tables and at most of the tables in the Marquee, which has been set a rather pleasant restaurant.
  7. The menu and wine list are reduced as recommended in government guidelines.
    We still have some of your favourites!!
  8. Room service is available as always, – with NO CHARGE – but we are encouraging guests to use this service for breakfast particularly. You may, also, wish to consider tea/coffee to be taken as room service after dinner as there is limited lounge space.
  9. The restaurant tables are sanitised and chairs wiped down after each use. UV light or ‘fogger’ will be used to sanitise all soft furnishings once the hotel is closed each evening.
  10. There are 22 hand sanitising units in the hotel.
  11. On departure all guest bedrooms will be deep cleaned by housekeeping followed by sanitisation with a ‘fogger’ or UV light. Every bed has a mattress protector, pillow protectors and duvet protector as well as the usual coverings and these will be removed after each departure and clean put on.
  12. Our check-in and check-out procedures have been up-dated and a letter will be sent out to each guest prior to arrival so that they are fully aware of the new systems.
  13. Payment is preferred by credit or debit card.
  14. Bills for guests will be sent by e-mail the night before to be checked before payment is taken at 11.00 a.m. the following morning.
  15. Keys will be awaiting guests in their rooms on arrival and should be left on the dressing table of the room on departure. All keys are sanitised before a new arrival.